Thursday, 25 September 2008

Messages for Melany

Melany is away from Room 9 and is visiting China for a few weeks. She will be back next term. Hopefully she will have learnt some Chinese language and can teach us!

Here are some messages for Melany from Room 9:

How are you doing in China Melany? From Oscar

I miss you Melany. From Holly

I hope you're having fun in China. From Ella

I hope you've learned a few words in Chinese. From Merlyn

I hope you're having a great time. From Amber

I hope you are keeping up with us on the blog. From Siobhan

We have
been learning about writing more instructions. From Luke M

We have been doing more learning about exporting. From Te Miri

On Thursday we visited Room 14 and asked questions about what they learned about this Term. From Siggi

We have been doing some painting on Kidpix. From Arjuna

We have been learning how to make paper ships. We got your comment. From Tyler

Thanks for your comment Melany. We read it at email time today. Good to see you are reading our blog all the way from China. Hope you're having a great time visiting your Grandparents. We are on holiday after tomorrow for two weeks. See you when you get back! From Rachel


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel and Room 9, thanks very much for your kind words. Melany has been thinking about you all the time. She had also posted you a postcard showing a panda. She visited many new places and has been learning Chinese words. She will write you more when have time. Your blog is great to keep us informed about home whereever we are!!
Alice - Melany's mum

Melany said...

hi Holly I miss you too.

Room 24 said...

I relly like all of your work you guys have been doing it was really cool to see the differant things you have been doing compared to other schools each class i have visited has done completly differant things it by the way i'm the girl L.H

from L.H