Friday, 23 May 2008

Our trip to the Public Library

Room 9 went to the Nelson Public Library. We stopped off at the Queen's Gardens to have our lunch. I had an excellent time. I even found a book about Tuataras. I read different books. We walked back to school.
By Toby

Check out the awesome video that some of Room 9 made about our library trip below...

Room 9 went to the Nelson Public Library. On the way we stopped to have lunch at the Queen's Gardens. After lunch Toby and I climbed on a tree. Then we kept going. When we got to the library we sat down. After that we looked for some books about Nelson (I found one). Then we just looked at books. I found a really cool book.
By Merlyn

Thursday, 22 May 2008


Room 9 has two teachers for 5 weeks!
One is Rachel and the other is Emma!

Emma has been helping Room 9 with their learning.

Here is what a few of Room 9 had to say about Emma:
  • Emma is here to help us learn - Dylan
  • Emma is a nice teacher - Ella
  • She helps us with words that we don't know - Luke M
  • We like Emma - Siobhan
  • She is a good teacher - Charlotte
  • Emma helps us with our writing - Merlyn
  • Thank you for teaching us Emma - Oscar
  • You are a great teacher Emma - Amber

[Kidpix picture by Ella]

Our Holidays 2

Another group in Room 9 has finally had some time to sit down with Rachel and put their video together about their holidays.

We hope you enjoy hearing about these students' holidays :)

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Our Holidays

Room 9 is back from holidays, we had 2 weeks off school!

Take a look at our video to see what eight students from Room 9 got up to!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I was in the paper!

In the holidays I went to the Richmond Mall to shoot hoops with three Giants basketball players. The players’ names were called Chris Daniel, Rowan Gray and Mike Fitchett.

I got nine balls in the hoop. If you got two balls in the hoop you would get a drink. I got two balls in the hoop.

I got a drink. The flavour was orange.

Chris Daniel said to me “you could give your tshirt to Phil Jones”. I have got Phil Jones’ tshirt.

Nanny, my sister and my Mum came with me too. My sister got a drink too. She got the same as me. It was a Fruit Buzz. It had a zebra on it.

I won a ball. The ball was orange with black stripes. The hoop was blue, white, red and orange. The hoop was as tall as a tree. It was as heavy as a tree but it didn’t have any branches or leaves like a tree!

I was in the Waimea Weekly newspaper!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Discovering Nelson

This term our topic is "Discovering Nelson".

We are learning about all the cool things Nelson has to offer a visitor.

We are pretending our visitor is a 60 year old Grandma from another part of Nelson. She would like to look around.

These are the places Room 9 thought they would like to take her to: