Friday, 17 October 2008

Diana Noonan Visits NCS

Today Nelson Central School went to assembly.
Diana Noonan told us a story.
It was called The Giant's Stew.
By Tony

Today Diana Noonan (an author) came to the Nelson Central School hall. Room 9 went there to meet her. Room 9 walked there. First Diana read the school stories that she wrote. My favourite book she wrote was called "Trees belong to everyone".
By Merlyn

On Friday Room 9 and the rest of Nelson Central went to the hall. Her name is Diana Noonan. She is an author. She wrote Best Loved Bear, Best Dressed Bear, Trees belong to everyone and The Giant's Stew. My favourite story was Trees belong to everyone. It was my favourite story because I like it how the children sang. Diana Noonan is a nice lady.
By Charlotte

Today Nelson Central School had a very special visitor. The visitor's name was Diana Noonan. Her job is to write books. She is called an author. Diana read us some books. When she read the books her tone of voice sounded cool. She wrote the books herself! They were good books.
By Siobhan

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