Friday, 5 September 2008

Cross Country Racing!

On Wednesday 27th of August at 1 o’clock the whole of Nelson Central School did Cross Country. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon.

We had the cross country at Nelson Central School on the front field. Normally we have it at the Botanics but it would have been too wet on the grass there. We only had to walk down to the front field from our classroom.

We have been training for cross country for 4 or 5 weeks.

There were lots of parents that came to Nelson Central School to watch us do cross country. It started with the 5 year old girls and ended with the open race. The first 10 children in each race got a number written on their hand.

Lots of Room 9 got places in the cross country:

6 year old girls:

· Holly – 1st

· Ella – 5th

· Siobhan – 10th

6 year old boys:

· Oscar – 2nd

· Jack – 5th

· Tyler – 6th

· Baxter – 7th

7 year old boys:

· Luke M – 3rd

· Logan – 5th

· Dylan 8th

All of Room 9 got a Cross Country Participation certificate the next day. We all tried our hardest.

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Te Miri said...

Great job Holly
Well done.