Thursday, 31 July 2008


On Wednesday afternoon Room 9 was at Room4 and the lights went on and off. A few minutes later the internet went off. Next the storm began. When Room 9 went back to our classroom we had to run because it was really scary and stormy. We had to wait to be picked up. Mum and I took Grace home in the car to her house. Olivia, Grace's sister, kept on crying because of the storm. Grace and I were scared too. When Mum and I went home, Mum could not cook my dinner because we didn't have power. So I had to have KFC. After dinner, my Mum's rose bush was dancing about in the garden. I hated it because it was scary and frightening.

By Siggi

On Wednesday afternoon Room 9 went to Room 4. Room 9 did Kidpix drawings. The lights went off and Room 9 looked outside. A storm had come. The internet stopped working. Room 9 lined up. Room 9 ran back to Room 9. I cried because I was scared. When I went home lots of trees had fallen over.

By Dylan

On Wednesday afternoon Room 9 went to Room 4. When I went on the computer the lights went off and there was a storm. When I looked out the windows it was raining and windy.

By Holly

Yesterday afternoon Room 9 went to Room 4. It was windy, stormy and thundery. The lights flickered off and on. It was really, really noisy. We drew Maui and the Sun pictures in Room 4. We also did maths. Then we got back to Room 9. The wind pushed us forward and it was raining too. We waited to be collected by Chipmunks or parents. Dylan was crying because he thought his Mum or Dad wasn't coming. In the front field the branches were on the grass and the basketball hoops had fallen over. The soccer goals were fallen over too. Then we went home.

By Beau

When Room 9 went to Room 4 we sat down on the mat with our rulers and pencils and rubbers. Then Room 9 went on the computers and the other half of us went and did their maths. While we were doing that the lights flickered on and off and it was windy. I looked out the window and the basketball hoops were down. After we finished we went back to the classroom and sat down on the mat. We waited for our parents inside so we did not get blown away. My Mum came to pick me up so I left school and went to pick up my little sister.

By Tyler

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Maui and the Sun Drawings

Last week we retold the legend of Maui and the Sun.
Today we drew drawings on the computer using Kidpix to represent a part of the legend.

Take a look at our artwork below, can you guess which part of the legend we have drawn our pictures of?

Monday, 28 July 2008

Maui and the Sun retelling

Last week Room 9 looked at the legend "Maui and the Sun".

We had lots of discussion and listened to the story a few times. Then we had to retell it in our own words and write a recount of what happened in our writing.

Here are some of our recounts, some will even be published in the next school newsletter! We hope you enjoy them :)

Once upon a time in the olden days the sun went too fast. The villagers didn’t have enough time to do their chores. Then Maui made a plan to catch the sun. Maui got his bravest men to come and help him catch it. They asked one of the women to weave a rope for them to use. Maui said a karakia to protect it. They walked all night and slept all day until they reached the edge of the world. Then they found the sun. They caught the sun and made it go slower.

By Te Miri

A long time ago the sun went too fast. The villagers didn’t have enough time to do their jobs fast. One day the villagers got mad. Maui got a plan so they went to the sun’s lair. They got ready. A big red light came up. The sun popped up. “Pull men!” said Maui. Maui went to the sun and started to beat the sun. “Stop it! Stop it!” said the sun. “Only if you go slow so we can get our jobs done, ok?” said Maui. “Just let me go,” said the sun. From then on the sun always went slow.

By Dylan

Once upon a time the sun always travelled too fast across the sky and the villagers did not get time to do their chores and for the children to play. Maui said “make me a rope and a trap”. Maui called his best guards to help him so they walked night and day until they got to the edge of the world. They found the sun’s hole and put the rope over the hole. Then they sat down and waited until the sun came out. Then Maui pulled the sun in until the sun said “yes, I will slow down!”

By Tyler

Thursday, 3 July 2008

So what is our Classroom like?

In the school holidays I am going to speak to some teachers from Petone in Wellington about some of the things we have been doing about learning & ICT in our class and at Nelson Central School.

Over the past few days some of Room 9 have helped me by recording themselves talking about some things in our classroom using the digital voice recorder.

I have put them all into a video below. It is like a TOUR OF OUR CLASSROOM!

I hope you enjoy it!

From Rachel :)

Special thanks to the students below who chatted away for me: Toby, Chloe, Luke M, Te Miri, Melany, Arjuna, Siobhan, Oscar, Baxter and Logan.

Itineraries for visitors to Nelson

This term we have been planning an ITINERARY for a new visitor to Nelson.

In our scenario, our visitor was to be a 60 year old Grandma who enjoys art, walking, craft and reading.

Our task was to:

"Plan an itinerary around Nelson for a visiting 60 year old Grandma.
Include where you would go in the morning, for lunch and in the afternoon.
You will need to be able to walk to all your destinations from Nelson Central School."

Here are our finished slideshows that detail our ITINERARY, use the arrow keys to flick through the pages :)

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Lunch with our Monster "IT"

We have been learning to use lots of different describing words in our writing.

Today we wrote poems that described the food we would eat if we went out to lunch with our monster "It". Here are some lines from Room 9's poems.

If I had lunch with It...
We would start out with white and orange fish pie. (Holly)
Then he would serve me a stinky, red meat pie. (Baxter)
And a cup of fat,chocolate worms. (Chloe)
Next we will eat rainbow goo. (Keely)
For desert, I would eat crimson, slushy pavlova (Logan)
And green, slimy slugs (Quanah)
with a monster sized apple (Tony)

Here are four of our best monster pictures... what do you think?

By Melany

By Logan

By Arjuna & Toby