Thursday, 3 July 2008

So what is our Classroom like?

In the school holidays I am going to speak to some teachers from Petone in Wellington about some of the things we have been doing about learning & ICT in our class and at Nelson Central School.

Over the past few days some of Room 9 have helped me by recording themselves talking about some things in our classroom using the digital voice recorder.

I have put them all into a video below. It is like a TOUR OF OUR CLASSROOM!

I hope you enjoy it!

From Rachel :)

Special thanks to the students below who chatted away for me: Toby, Chloe, Luke M, Te Miri, Melany, Arjuna, Siobhan, Oscar, Baxter and Logan.


Maree said...

Hi everyone

Thanks for the fabulous tour of your classroom. You are a very creative bunch!
I like how your computers have names.

Happy holidays :-)
South Canterbury

Mr Lietze said...

Hello Room 9

You guys have a cool looking classroom with some much work all around the room. I think you all must work very hard :+)

I like the bath tub outside with the plants in it. What are you growing?

My name is Mr Lietze and I teach 10 year olds (Year 6's) in Tauranga. Can you find me on the New Zealand map?

Our class website is

Becky (Toby's Mum) said...

Hi Room 9
I hope you all had a great holiday and are excited to be back in your really cool classroom. I love the names that you have given your computers. What a great way to work out which is which. I can't wait to see all the new and exciting things that you will do this term. I'll keep checking your blog site! Have fun at the museum on Thursday.
Becky (Toby's mum)

Michele (Toby's aunty) said...

'Hi Room 9

Wow, a blog site is a great idea, I enjoyed being taken on a tour of your classroom. I will have to show Toby's cousins.

Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room Nine,
It was a shame about the bad weather in Nelson. The winds and rain can cause lots of problems. When the lights and computers go out, you have to do your work, play and cook in a different way, don't you? We live in Abbotsford near Dunedin, so we generally get more bad weather than you do in Nelson, but it was not as windy down here as you had it in Nelson.
We had snow at the weekend which made driving a bit dangerous but was great for making snowmen.
Keep up the good work in your classroom.
Teresa and Bill
(Chloe's grandparents)