Thursday, 3 July 2008

Itineraries for visitors to Nelson

This term we have been planning an ITINERARY for a new visitor to Nelson.

In our scenario, our visitor was to be a 60 year old Grandma who enjoys art, walking, craft and reading.

Our task was to:

"Plan an itinerary around Nelson for a visiting 60 year old Grandma.
Include where you would go in the morning, for lunch and in the afternoon.
You will need to be able to walk to all your destinations from Nelson Central School."

Here are our finished slideshows that detail our ITINERARY, use the arrow keys to flick through the pages :)


Marnie Thomas said...

I come to Nelson every now and then and I like to feed the ducks on the river walk. Next time I come I am going to go to Melrose house as it looks so interesting - I had never heard of it before I saw your slide shows so thank you for the tourist tips!! I bet grandma will have a great day.
Miss Thomas
Room 23
Meadowbank School

Becky (Toby's Mum) said...

I love your slide shows with all the interesting ideas of things to do in Nelson. You have been doing some great research, finding out about these places. Toby's got 2 Grandma's who visit us in Nelson. We'll have to get them to check out your slide shows. They may want to visit these places next time they come. Keep up the great work.

Becky (Toby's Mum)

Robyn (Toby's Granmum) said...

Hi Toby
I did enjoy reading your suggested itinerary for a grandma visiting Nelson. I am coming down in the next holidays and I would love you to show me over Fairfeild house because I adore towers. In Europe I went to some churches that had very tall towers and the steps went round and round and they had tiny windows to peep out of and when you got to the top there were bars all around to stop anyone from falling off. I think the scariest one was in St Petersburg because the steps were so narrow and so thin you had to climb squeezed in between lots of people going up and coming down. So it is a happening thing, Toby we will try very hard to visit Fairfeild house. Thank you so much for the thoughtful suggestions
Robyn (Toby's Granmum)