Monday, 28 July 2008

Maui and the Sun retelling

Last week Room 9 looked at the legend "Maui and the Sun".

We had lots of discussion and listened to the story a few times. Then we had to retell it in our own words and write a recount of what happened in our writing.

Here are some of our recounts, some will even be published in the next school newsletter! We hope you enjoy them :)

Once upon a time in the olden days the sun went too fast. The villagers didn’t have enough time to do their chores. Then Maui made a plan to catch the sun. Maui got his bravest men to come and help him catch it. They asked one of the women to weave a rope for them to use. Maui said a karakia to protect it. They walked all night and slept all day until they reached the edge of the world. Then they found the sun. They caught the sun and made it go slower.

By Te Miri

A long time ago the sun went too fast. The villagers didn’t have enough time to do their jobs fast. One day the villagers got mad. Maui got a plan so they went to the sun’s lair. They got ready. A big red light came up. The sun popped up. “Pull men!” said Maui. Maui went to the sun and started to beat the sun. “Stop it! Stop it!” said the sun. “Only if you go slow so we can get our jobs done, ok?” said Maui. “Just let me go,” said the sun. From then on the sun always went slow.

By Dylan

Once upon a time the sun always travelled too fast across the sky and the villagers did not get time to do their chores and for the children to play. Maui said “make me a rope and a trap”. Maui called his best guards to help him so they walked night and day until they got to the edge of the world. They found the sun’s hole and put the rope over the hole. Then they sat down and waited until the sun came out. Then Maui pulled the sun in until the sun said “yes, I will slow down!”

By Tyler


judy said...

Awesome Maui and the Sun stories Room 9, great effort and fabulous details. Your special assembly last Friday was fabulous too, I especially loved the Kiwi Kids song and appreciate how hard it must have been sitting still because all I wanted to do was get up and dance! (judy - Hayden's mum)

Bryn (Toby's brother) said...

Awesome stories room 9. They are great. They had heaps of describing words in them.

Bryn (Toby's brother)