Friday, 20 June 2008

Our Olden Day Comics

On Wednesday Room 9 used "Comic Life" to make some comics.

We used the pictures of us dressed up in olden day clothes. Then we added speech bubbles to our pictures. We had to pretend that we were olden day people. We had to write what we would say in the speech bubbles.

You can check out our awesome "Comic Life" pictures by clicking here.

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Marnie Thomas said...

Hi Room 9,
Those are really cool costumes but I wish you took a picture of Rachel in one too!!
I am so glad we don't wear those clothes any more because they must have been hard to move around in lots and it would take ages to get dressed! You thought of some good things to put in your speech bubbles - the things you said were relevant to olden day culture. Well done.
Miss Thomas
Meadowbank School (R23)