Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Last two Holidays Videos!

The last two holidays videos have been put together from content gathered from Room 9 during the first 2 weeks of term.

We did our drawings in Kidpix and recorded our talking using the Digital Voice Recorder. Movie Maker then helped us put it all together into a movie!

Check out the last 2 videos below!

We hope you enjoyed the videos :)


Marnie Thomas said...

Wow, you guys are great artists! It looks like you have worked very hard to write your stories, make your pictures, do your voice recordings and then turn it all into a movie! Well done!

Our Teacher said...

Dear Room 9 & Miss Boyd
You have an awesome blog which shows the fantastic learning and teaching you are doing - there is so much to read, see and listen to - i will have to keep coming back! Oh, I subscribed to your blog so I won't ever miss out on your updates! Keep up the amazing work :-)

Mrs. Kree Raman
Kelvin Road School
South Auckland

Becky (Toby's mum) said...

Hi room 9. I love your kidpix pictures and holiday stories. You have done a great job of putting your voices on and making a movie of it all. It was so cool to hear your voice Toby. The rock climbing in Wanaka was great wasn't it? You were so clever at wizzing up and down those climbs! Becky (Toby''s mum)