Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Staying Alive!

On Friday Room 9 went to the Staying Alive Expo at the Richmond Showgrounds. All of Kowhai and Totara syndicate came too. We went on a bus with our teachers and Renwick 2. The bus ride was fun and bumpy. There were no seatbelts on the bus. The bus was big and we could see out the windows.

When we got there the bus left and we ate our lunch. We looked at the crashed cars and the pretend grave. For Staying Alive our first activity was looking at why we need to wear seat belts. They had seat on a slide, it showed you what happens when you are in a crash. Taylor went on it. His sunglasses fell off his head because of the impact.

Here are some of the things we learned:

  • it is good to have a booster seat until we are 8 years old - Ella
  • we learned how to get down, get low and get out! - Oscar
  • fire can go through a house in just 6 minutes, you have to get out quickly - James
  • when you have a fire you can meet your family at the mailbox (or end of street) so you are safe - Luke M
  • if there's a fire and there's a fire engine coming the cars have to let the fire engine go past - Luke H
  • even driving at 60kms can mean you don't stop in time and you may run someone over - Toby
  • you need to get out of a fire straight away because the the smoke is poisonous - Amber
  • get low and get out if there's a fire in the house - Tony
The whole day was awesome, excellent, interesting and fantastic. We had lots of fun and also learned lots too!


Marnie Thomas said...

It is great that you are learning to be so safe. Using that big fire hose looks like lots of fun!!
Miss Thomas
Room 23
Meadowbank School

Kate Cobb said...

Wow! It sounds like an amazing trip Room 9 and you found out heaps of useful tips about how to stay safe.

See you again soon.