Thursday, 6 March 2008

Mathletics and World Maths Day

We have been playing Live Mathletics to celebrate World Maths Day for the past two weeks. It has been lots of fun racing against the clock and playing maths against people from other countries.

We each have had our own username and password and have gained points and bonuses for correct answers. It has been A LOT of fun!

Have a look below to see what some of Room 9 thought of playing Live Mathletics for World Maths Day.
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Marnie Thomas said...

Hi Room 9 of 2008!! I am so glad you liked Mathletics. I can't wait to get to know you better this year by reading about what you get up to!
Miss Thomas
Meadowbank School

Room 23 said...

We are learning how to leave a comment on your blog. We love to play Mathletics too - see you online sometime!!
From Room 23
Meadowbank School

Ingrid said...

Hi Rachel, I'm a teacher of a year one class from Lynmore Primary, Rotorua, and I have been enjoying the comments made by your class. Just a wee word of warning about 'slide share' that you should address is the related slides that are attached at the end of your class presentation. I discovered by chance when reviewing my class slide share that the attached slides can be dodgy eg inappropriate photos etc. Most of the related slides were uneventful but there is a way to prevent this which our ICT cluster coordinator discovered when she connacted slide share. Would you like me to find out for you?
Keep up the great blogging.
Cheers, Ingrid