Thursday, 27 March 2008

Peter and the Wolf

On a rainy day (the 27th of March) we went to see a performance of "Peter and the Wolf". Some people from the Orchestra played for us. They brought a cello and a basoon with them.

First we listened to the story of Peter and the Wolf. We all got to act it out too. We had to be a wolf, a duck, a bird, Peter, a cat and the grandfather. Next we split into three groups.

One group listened to the musicians play the bassoon and the cello. You play the cello by plucking or by using the bow on the strings. You play the bassoon by blowing through a metal tube. You put your fingers over holes.

Another group got to use puppets. There was a cat and a duck puppet. You had to be gentle when using them.

The last group got to listen to the story of Peter and the Wolf. We had to work out which character played which instrument on the story.

We got a go at each group. It was really fun and awesome.

Shared writing by Siobhan, Siggi and Rachel

"I learned which instrument played for each character in the show" - Siobhan

"I learned that you play each instrument in a different way" - Siggi

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room6ncs said...

wow! that must have been pretty cool.
from Lachie and Quinn