Friday, 23 May 2008

Our trip to the Public Library

Room 9 went to the Nelson Public Library. We stopped off at the Queen's Gardens to have our lunch. I had an excellent time. I even found a book about Tuataras. I read different books. We walked back to school.
By Toby

Check out the awesome video that some of Room 9 made about our library trip below...

Room 9 went to the Nelson Public Library. On the way we stopped to have lunch at the Queen's Gardens. After lunch Toby and I climbed on a tree. Then we kept going. When we got to the library we sat down. After that we looked for some books about Nelson (I found one). Then we just looked at books. I found a really cool book.
By Merlyn


Anonymous said...

Hi Room 9

I love your digital story about going to the library - it looked like a busy and interesting trip.

What was the puppet show all about Oscar? I agree it would have been much better to have more people watching than just Iris and I!!! :)

Oscar has a new dinosaur sock puppet to show the class next week (it is a soccasaurus) - our friend helped him make it. She almost sewed his hand to the sock though!! Poor Oscar!! ;)

From Sarah (Oscar's mum)

Oscar said...

The puppet show was all about sharing the puppets and letting other kids come and join in the puppet show.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 9,

Thank you, I really enjoyed watching your video about your trip to the library. It sounded like heaps of fun! I feel inspired to go to the library with Toby while I am on holiday in Nelson.