Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I was in the paper!

In the holidays I went to the Richmond Mall to shoot hoops with three Giants basketball players. The players’ names were called Chris Daniel, Rowan Gray and Mike Fitchett.

I got nine balls in the hoop. If you got two balls in the hoop you would get a drink. I got two balls in the hoop.

I got a drink. The flavour was orange.

Chris Daniel said to me “you could give your tshirt to Phil Jones”. I have got Phil Jones’ tshirt.

Nanny, my sister and my Mum came with me too. My sister got a drink too. She got the same as me. It was a Fruit Buzz. It had a zebra on it.

I won a ball. The ball was orange with black stripes. The hoop was blue, white, red and orange. The hoop was as tall as a tree. It was as heavy as a tree but it didn’t have any branches or leaves like a tree!

I was in the Waimea Weekly newspaper!

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