Friday, 12 December 2008

We'll show you how to dance!

On the 4th of December Kowhai Syndicate held our end of year production called "Down Memory Lane".

Room 9 learned and performed an amazing dance called "The Evolution of Dance". It shows different styles of dance through the ages. We learnt most of the dance off Judson Laipply's video on You Tube and Rachel modified lots of the moves to make it easier and appropriate for 6 and 7 year olds.

Take a look at our amazing dance below, we hope you enjoy it!
We'd love your comments too!


Fievels said...

Hey well done! I'm so impressed at how well the students all remembered the moves! The audience certainly sounded like they enjoyed it! That will be a great memory for you all for a very long time!

takini8 said...

WOW! You kids were awesome. I enjoyed the show.

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi there!
I really enjoyed watching all the different types of dance. Your teacher is very inventive!
well done!

Mrs She Pt England School Auckland.

Moturoa said...

Very nice- a lot of learning must have gone into it.

Well done Kowhai Syndicate

Allanah K

ICT Facilitator

Discover IT Tasman

Anonymous said...

Room 9 you were fantastic! Well done. All the work you and Rachel put in was definitely worth it.

Have a super Christmas everyone!

Love from Kate x

Anonymous said...

Room 9 You are Fantastic! What amazing dancers you are. I can see what a lot of learning you have done. Thanks for sharing
ICT Facilitator

Justine said...

Congratulations Room 9 - you rock! I was interested to see how you and Rachel would pull it off after watching the original YouTube (thinking it was way too hard) BUT - you guys rocked!!!! Well done for remembering all those moves, you have worked really hard and it was great to see your parents enjoying it too - I can't wait to show the kids at school tomorrow.
Have a wonderful Xmas Break
Justine Driver
DP at Pakuranga Heights School

Penny Ryder said...

Well done! You guys are awesome dancers! I'm really impressed by how focused you all were. I wish I could have been there to see it in real life. Are you planning a world tour?

Penny, Australia.

Nathan and Amie said...

Too cool! What a crowd pleaser. You definitely got me boogying in my seat :)

Class 1R said...

Students of 1R just watched your video. Here are our comments:
H - "You guys were awesome when you danced. I liked the way you were so focused."
S - "Was it tricky when you first learnt it?"
J - "Your dances were very cool"
S - "How did you remember all the actions?"
R - "You guys were so awesome that you looked like teenagers."
E - "Did it take time to learn it?"
J - "How many hours and days did you rehearse?"
M - "You guys must have very good teamwork"
E - "Great boot scootin' y'all!!"
Z - "How many songs were there?"
V - "Were you tired after all that dancing?"

Thanks for entertaining us!

Hannah ( Te Miri's Mum ) said...

We loved the dance show. Room 9's evolution of dance was so creative and fun. well done to everyone that was involved. You were great and looked so colourful and confident.

Have a good Christmas. And good luck next year in your new classes

John Williams said...

Wow, I must show this to my junior school teachers. Inspirational.
Mr W
Melbourne, Australia

Anonymous said...

That was excellent. As a PE teacher you have given me an excellent idea for the dance component of our curriculum in 2009

piazzamannino said...

Wow! Well Done! I will show my students here in Greensboro, North Carolina when we come back from our winter holiday - you are on holiday now for how long? Would love to connect!
Diane Mannino

Anonymous said...

cool dance moves room 9.


[children from last year]

Anonymous said...

cool dance moves room 9.


[children from last year]

Ms.Brett's Kindergarten Kids said...

This is TOO CUTE! I really love it, and everyone did a great job! How old are the students? I might just have to teach this to my 5/6 year old students!

Leslie Brett
West Point, MS
United States of America