Monday, 25 August 2008

Trade-a-thing Day

On Thursday 21st of August Kowhai Syndicate held a "Trade-a-thing Day" in the hall to celebrate the learning we have been doing in our Inquiry topic of Trading - looking at imports and exports. We each brought 2-3 things we no longer wanted anymore to trade/swap with other children in our syndicate.

Here are what some of Room 9 thought of Trade-a-thing Day:

I thought Kowhai's trade-a-thing was great. I got a book, a rabbit and a toy Jasmin. Before that I had an Aladdin book, a bag with a pencil sharpener and a ball and a bag with some other stuff in it. I traded with Logan, Ella and a girl in Renwick 2.
By Charlotte

I thought trade-a-thing day was great! I liked it because there were lots of cool toys and you could trade. There were lots of other children to trade with. I traded a fire engine for a spider (with Toby) and a puzzle for an aeroplane (with Oscar).
By Merlyn

I thought trade-a-thing day was fun. I traded with Quanah, Grace and Holly. I treaded with Grace for her pony and she got my giraffe puzzle. I traded with Quanah my cheetah puzzle for her violet doll. I traded with Holly my elephant puzzle for her doll's mirror.
By Siggi

I thought Trade-a-thing day was excellent, fantastic and fun. Before I had a note book, a teenage mutant ninja turtles car and a spider. After I had a fire engine, pen and the teenage mutant ninja turtles car. It was on Thursday. I liked trade-a-thing day because I like trading things.
By Toby

I thought trade-a-thing day was fascinating. I traded with Tyler. I traded my bouncy ball for a bionicle. I did not trade my car. I wanted to trade my car but everyone else only had little stuff to trade.
By Dylan

Here is a video of Room 9 all lined up with their things ready to trade:

[Special thanks to Dylan and Jack for making the title credits for our movie]


Pam Thompson said...

Hi Room 9. What a great idea to have a trading day. It looks as though you had some interesting things to trade. I hope you really enjoyed your day.

Mrs Thompson

Becky (Toby's Mum) said...

Hi Room 9.
It was great to read all about your trading day and to see the things that you brought to trade on the video. What a lot of fun you all had! I wonder if it was hard making decisions about what to trade and whether or not you were going to get a good deal?

Becky (Toby's mum)

Kaye (Charlotte's mum) said...

What fun you all had trading your goods. It's great to see you doing real-life stuff.

Room 9 NCS said...

We only traded things if we wanted what the other person had and it wasn't broken.

Charlotte said...

It looks like you got what you wanted. Just like me. I think melany did too.