Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Feathered Friends

Room 9 has been learning about birds.
We have been using our Go Zone that is called "Feathered Friends" to help us.

So far we have learned the names of these New Zealand birds.
They are:
  • Fantail (Ethan)
  • Kakapo (Luke M)
  • Tui (Jack)
  • Ruru or Morepork (Merlyn)
  • Kiwi (Te Miri)
  • Kaka (Luke H)
  • Kereru (Hayden)
  • Kea (Siggi)

We have found out these great facts about birds:
  • A kakapo and a kiwi can't fly (Merlyn)
  • Kakas are the 'clowns' of the forest (James)
  • Kiwis can't fly (Grace)
  • Kiwis come out at night and hunt for insects to eat (Luke M)
  • Kiwis have whiskers (Ella)
  • Fantails have a fan-like tail (Ethan)
  • Tuis can fly and they don't have whiskers (Toby)
  • Kakapo, tui, fantail, ruru and kea are all names of birds (Oscar)

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